E-T-A REX12-T Electronic Circuit Protection

E-T-A’s new REX12-T electronic circuit protector transforms how 24VDC switch mode power supplies are protected. Its state of the art connection technology, size and the benefits of electronic circuit protection over traditional thermal-magnetic circuit breakers will allow engineers to: save time and space, enhance design flexibility and increase machine uptime.


  • Time savings: innovative mounting and connection technology reduces installation time by 50% and eliminates the need for additional accessories (Busbars)
  • Space savings: two channels are only 12.5 mm wide
  • Design flexibility: modular design makes system upgrades easy
  • Increased machine uptime: Smart version (REX12D-T) provides monitoring and remote diagnostics with IO-Link connection
  • Electronic overcurrent protection: supply module (EM12-T) and single or double channel REX12-T electronic circuit protector
  • Modular side by side DIN Rail mounting
  • 12.5 mm width
  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC
  • Current Ratings: 1 – 10A (in fixed increments 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10A) (1 channel) 2A/2A, 4A/4A, 6A/6A (2 channel)
  • Approvals: UL 2367, UL 60947 and UL 508
  • Integrated connection technology (no additional accessories)
  • Manual ON/OFF/Reset momentary switch
  • Status indication LED and signal contact