E-T-A ETR10 Electronic Relay with Timer Function

The smart power relay ETR10 (Electronic Timer Relay) from E-T-A is a remotely controllable solid state timer relay and holds two functions in a single device:

  • Solid state relay with timer function (time delay, pulsing, blinking)
  • Electronic overcorrect protection

The relay fits into 4-pole or 7-pole standard automotive relay sockets to ISO 7588 (ISO Mini). It is suitable for system voltages of DC 12 V and DC 24 V (operating range DC 9…32 V) and can switch currents between 1 and 30 A.

For remote switching and protection of loads, two separate components had up to now often to be connected in the load circuit as a functional unit:

  • An electro-mechanical relay or solid state relay which is powered via the control cable and then closes the circuit by means of the integral contact or power semi-conductor.
  • An additional protective element (circuit breaker or fuse) providing line or equipment protection in the event of a failure.

The ETR10 combines the timer relay function with overcurrent protection in a single component, thus minimising the number of connections in the circuit and reducing the failure risk. In addition the ETR10 is remotely resettable after overload tripping if an overload in the load path has caused the relay to switch off. 


  • Selectable timer functions:
    • ON and OFF delay
    • blinking or pulsing function as well as combinations
  • Plus-switching (positive control) solid state relay with high side switch (HSS) for load currents between 1A and 30A
  • Silent switching
  • Wear-free and robust design, insensitive to shock, vibration and dust (no mechanical contacts)
  • Very low closed current and switching current consumption
  • Integral protection against short circuit and overload in the load circuit
  • Remotely resettable upon detection and disconnection of overcurrent by means of the protective function
  • Status and signal outputs for monitoring
  • Fits into standard ISO Mini automotive relay sockets