Banner Engineering K50 Compact Touch Buttons Featuring Flat Touch Surface

The exceptional immunity to false triggering and electrical noise offered by Banner’s next generation (Gen 2) K50 domed touch buttons is now available in a compact version with a flat touch surface. The K50 Compact Touch Button is easily actuated with the touch of a finger, hand or whole palm, requiring no physical pressure to operate. It is available in 1-, 2- and 3-color models.


  • Space Saving Flat Surface: The low-profile (17 mm) design is ideal for use in panels, cabinets and other space constrained deployments, or where the preference is to have a touch button with a flat surface. 
  • Improved Visibility in Very Bright Conditions: LED lights are concentrated closer to the window than domed models, making the indication brighter when viewed directly, even in sunlight bright conditions. 
  • Excellent Immunity to False Triggering: Smart Electric Field Sensing technology provides Gen 2 touch buttons with excellent immunity to false triggering caused by the buildup of detergents, oils and other foreign materials as well as exposure to direct water spray. It also improves actuation performance with gloves.