Banner Engineering New Long Distance Wireless Sensors for Remote Hard – to – Reach Locations

Banner Engineering’s latest additions to the Sure Cross® Q45 Series of wireless sensors are retroreflective and diffuse mode sensors that utilize the 900 MHz frequency band and 1 Watt power. They join a growing number of wireless Q45 sensors capable of communicating over extended ranges by using the 900 MHz frequency band, as well as a wide range of Q45 sensors that utilize the globally accepted 2.4 GHz frequency band. Additionally, these models and their 2.4 GHz counterparts can easily be configured for part counting applications. 


  • Optimized for part counting: DIP switch configurable to count up to 960 parts per minute, these sensors can be used to count parts IN and parts OUT. Users can track parts per minute, monitor machine status, identify and receive notifications of errors, and gather metrics to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). 
  • Superior signal penetration: Transmissions at 900 MHz have a long wavelength that passes through dense materials, making it possible to link devices separated by walls, vegetation, and other obstacles. 
  • Extended range communication: The 900 MHz frequency band can travel over 2.5 times further than a 2.4 GHz connection, enabling reliable communication between devices over longer distances. 
  • Easy, plug-and-play deployment: The sensor, wireless radio, and long-life lithium battery are housed in a single device, simplifying installation on existing equipment and enabling deployments in remote and hard-to-access locations where implementing a wired solution would be difficult, impractical, or not cost-effective.