PEPPERL+FUCHS Smart-Ex 01 Instrinsically Safe Smartphone and Mobile Computer

Delivering mobility in explosion-hazardous areas 

Pepperl+Fuchs’ 4G/LTE capable unlocked smartphone and mobile computer Smart-Ex® 01 features the latest technology. It modernizes and facilitates collaboration between mobile workers, control side, and backend systems. The intrinsically safe smartphone is ideal for use in explosion-hazardous areas (Zone 1/Div. 1 and Zone 2/Div. 2) or noisy, harsh industrial environments, where it facilitates communication. 

The gateway to Industry 4.0 

Whether used as a smartphone, PDA, scanner, or camera, the intrinsically safe Smart-Ex® 01 creates a direct interconnection of modern Industry 4.0 applications due to permanent data transfer. 

Safety and efficiency without compromise: the mobile worker concept 

The ecom Smart-Ex® 01 facilitates the mobile worker’s day-to-day activities. Live data, digital images, videos, and video streaming can be used anywhere at any time. 

This type of constant online connection enables: 

  • More effective work processes 
  • Minimized downtime 
  • Increased safety 
  • Streamlined decision-making processes and costs 

Lone worker protection 

Paired with a professional software solution, different sensors on the Smart-Ex® 01 smartphone can detect an emergency situation (impact, immobility, unconsciousness, etc.). The smartphone’s alarm and location function helps to quickly pinpoint the worker’s location and initiate next steps for emergency response teams. In combination with Swissphone’s software solution, the smartphone includes a lone worker protection that is certified according to the German BGR-139. 

Industrial touchscreen 

The Gorilla® Glass 2 industrial-use 4.0“ capacitive multi-touch screen easily resists extreme shock and scratches. Workers can use it wearing gloves, or with dirty or wet hands. The Smart Ex® 01’s display has special brightness, definition, and resolution that makes it easy to read—even in direct sunlight. 

Smartphone Smart-Ex®-01 highlights 

  • Certified for ATEX Zone 1/Div. 1 and Zone 2/Div. 2 as well as harsh industrial environments 
  • Noise cancellation facilitates communication 
  • Lone worker protection with alarm and location function (optional) 
  • Industrial-use 4.0“ capacitive multi-touch screen 
  • Suitable for handling with gloves 
  • Powerful battery for long runtime 
  • Access to complete range of industry applications (App Library) 
  • Google Certification 
  • Service Level Agreement over 3 years (optional)