Leuze Electronic Long Distance Actuator ST Series Safety Switches

Leuze Electronic goes the distance with their long distance actuator for the ST series safety switches!
A new actuator to be combined with the ST series safety sensors equipped with RFID technology is now available. 
Compared to the standard version, with an activation distance of 12 mm, the new actuator has an activation distance of 18 mm. Leuze Electronic is one the first manufacturers to offer this type of actuator, which is ideal when a precise distance between the sensor and actuator cannot be guaranteed. 
The ST series features an electronic system based on RFID technology to detect the actuator. This system gives a different coding to each actuator and makes it impossible to tamper with a device by using another actuator belonging to the same series. The actuators may have millions of different coding combinations, and are therefore classified as actuators with a high coding level, according to EN ISO 14119 .
The new SM actuator has fixing holes with a center-to-center distance of 35 x 28 mm and like the standard version it is available with a high or low encoding level.