Phoenix Contact IE Power Supplies Trio Power Supply

The space-saving design of TRIO POWER power supplies are highly cost-effective and offer maximum flexibility. Tool-free, push-in connections and their slim design make quick installation possible. Its robust design allows for a high electrical strength of single-phase devices up to 300 V AC, error-free function of the three-phase modules, even in the event of one phase failing permanently. TRIO POWER also features high vibration and shock resistance and a high MTBF.

The newest additions to the TRIO power supply family feature the same space-saving design, yet are tailored to fit even more of the high requirements in this field. The power supply units ensure the reliable supply of all loads with even more output voltage and current ratings available. The TRIO family also now features a power supply specifically for applications that require NEC Class 2 certification, as well as optimized versions for use on the ship’s bridge.


  • Reliable starting for heavy loads, with the dynamic power reserve of 150 percent the nominal current for max 5s.
  • Power supplies meet the needs of various approvals and ratings
  • Temperature range: -25 to +70°C
  • Input for AC and DC voltage
  • Comprehensive approval package

The TRIO POWER power supply range with Push-in Technology connection has been perfected for use in shipbuilding. All functions and the space-saving design of the single- and three-phase modules are optimally tailored to the stringent requirements. Under challenging ambient conditions, the power supply units, which feature an extremely robust electrical and mechanical design, ensure the reliable supply of all loads.