Phoenix Contact IFC DIN Rail Mounting Frame

Phoenix Contact knows how much you love HEAVYCON, so instead of exiling it to the outside of a cabinet, they now offer a new way to connect your HEAVYCON inserts inside, mounted to a DIN rail. The system includes a versatile base-frame assembly that mounts on a standard NS 35/7.5 DIN rail. That base then incorporates four different settings depending on whether you are using inserts designed for B06, B10, B16, or B24 housings. For mating, they offer four different matching top frames that lock onto the base frame. Each different size also includes a tongue to fasten down the wires with cable ties for strain relief. 

While the standard top and base frames are set up to handle the array of B-series fixed inserts, as well as their full line of modular inserts with carrier frames, they also offer several adapters. If you need to use D-series inserts (A10, A16, D15, and D25 inserts), there is a mounting bracket that brings the mounting legs in line with those narrow inserts. 

In addition to opening up the insert options, if you would like to forego the standard top frame, you can use their popular EVO B-series plastic housings. They offer snap-on interlock pieces that attach to the pegs for double locking latches, allowing the EVO plug housing to be secured to the base frame. They even offer a special EVO adapter that’s open with a tongue for fastening down the wires with cable ties. 

If plastic isn’t going to cut it though, they do provide an aluminum version for B10, B16, and B24 inserts. These come with dual-locking latches as well as screw locking. They even offer a solution for B06 inserts as a long, double B06 frame set. 


  • Direct connection on the DIN rail saves marshaling levels 
  • High degree of stability, thanks to robust high-performance plastic 
  • Easy-to-install inserts with large open space under the base frame 
  • One base part for all sizes reduces the number of variants 
  • Convenient cable routing, thanks to supporting tongue element