Stahlin Enclosures New Expanded J Non-Metallic Enclosure

The Stahlin J Series product line was designed as an industrial enclosure for harsh, aggressive environments.

Originally developed as an electrical junction box for the oil refining and petrochem industries, the J series has evolved into a versatile industrial enclosure line. It’s now available in 18 sizes with varied applications for use from high-end electronics to extreme corrosive applications both indoors and out; currently servicing all industrial applications.

With over six decades of proven performance the rugged design combined with tough, durable materials, for extreme reliability in tough environments are key attributes of this series.

Now, with two new sizes in our most popular configuration – hinged lockable pull latch (HPL) – the Stahlin J Series is bigger, better, and offers you more space for maximum protection.

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Stahlin Enclosures New Expanded J Non-Metallic Enclosure Press Release

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