Pro-face GP4000VM Series Video Unit Compatible HMI

Pro-face introduces the GP4000VM series, a video unit compatible HMI. Like all Pro-face hardware, the Pro-face GP4000VM series offers extensive connectivity with a wide range of industrial controllers. This series includes the 12.1” PFXGP4621 and the 10.4” PFXGP4521 displays, both of which allow for a video unit to be mounted on the back with minimal effort.
Visualization on manufacturing floors has become increasingly important to manage product development and avoid potential line errors. Utilizing camera monitoring allows machine operators to view and track activity, and address any hazards quickly. To address the needs of these customers, Pro-face has expanded the GP4000 Series with a video unit compatible HMI.


  • Best in class connectivity
  • Compatible with Pro-face Remote HMI
  • Compatible with EZ Series
  • Compatible software: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.07.300 or later