Phoenix Contact Tunnel and Highway Lighting Solutions

Phoenix Contact’s ATS is a complete solution for tunnel lighting that allows the customer to monitor, control, and manage a tunnel lighting system. The design can be flexible depending on customer preference. Operators have the ability to change settings, such as brightness levels, manually or remotely via a web-based HMI. And with the U.S highway infrastructure due for an upgrade, LED lighting has become the solution of choice for tunnel lighting applications.

The system design uses four lighting sensors outside of the tunnel, which allows the system to determine the lighting inside the tunnel. Then, the ATS system controls various LED gateways to manipulate the lighting in various areas of the tunnel. The LUMGATE, or LED gateway, is Phoenix Contact’s very own lighting gateway that can connect eight LED drivers that communicate via INTERBUS. This optimizes the overall solution and allows the ATS to measure current consumption for energy management.

  • Up to 240 lighting points without addressing
  • Four luminance sensors with 25 different thresholds
  • Predictive lighting maintenance
  • Extended diagnostics
  • Auto-calibration
  • Integration and adaption
  • Plug and play