Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Complete

Phoenix Contact’s RIFLINE Complete is an innovative line of general purpose, “ice cube” relays consisting of universal ice-cube-style relays in multiple form factors and contact arrangements. From slim 6.2mm interface relays to 4PDT ice-cube relays, octal relays, and 3PDT miniature power contactors, RIFLINE Complete offers a solution for virtually every switching application. The RIFLINE complete modular relay system is available as completely assembled modules and as individual components.
The newly expanded RIFLINE Complete relay family allows you to use CLIPLINE complete terminal block accessories for bridging, marking and testing. Through the use of a universal modular function plug on RIF-1, RIF-2, RIF-3, and RIF-4 bases, you have the choice of a wide range of relay protective modules, operation indicator LEDs, and timer modules to complement the standard function of the relay itself. The available 24VDC timer module offers the unique ability to convert any standard industrial relay into a timer relay in one easy step.
What makes these products unique?
Industrial relays have remained virtually unchanged for many decades. RIFLINE Complete off ers sleek packaging, a wide range of available sizes and contact arrangements, and an intuitive modular design to ensure high productivity with modern aesthetics – all at price points competitive with leading, low-cost, industrial relay competitors. 
Phoenix Contact brings industrial relays into the 21st century with screw and PT push-in terminations, bases that allow for easy marking, and innovative bridging functions. Accessories for RIFLINE Complete work directly with CLIPLINE complete terminal blocks, reducing the need to stock additional part numbers and products. 

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