Phoenix Contact IE Trabtech VAL-US NPL



Phoenix Contacts’s VAL-US product line is a UL Listed series of pluggable surge protection devices that utilizes high-capacity varistors to provide high-quality protection. The VAL-US series off ers status indication contacts for remote monitoring, as well as hot-swappable plugs with integrated visual-status indication for easy maintenance and replacement. The VAL-US series includes a variety of circuit configurations based on U.S. power systems. 
As UL Open Type Listed devices, these products are integrated easily into existing systems and applications with no additional third-party safety testing. UL recently added the “Open Type” description to complement traditional hardwired SPDs. Open Type now allows for surge protection to be UL Listed as delivered with field wiring terminals. Now panel designers can implement surge protection according to our instructions without testing for every configuration. This is an important advance in our existing product approvals, and will greatly simplify the process for our 508A panel shops. The VAL-US family has been established with configurations specifically for our market and voltage configurations. There are products configured explicitly for split phase, delta, and high-leg delta, as well as up to 690Y.
  • They are the largest product line of UL Type 1 Open Type Listed SPDs on the market. 
  • Open Type Listing makes for easy integration to virtually any power application requiring surge protection.