IDEC SE2L Safety Laser Scanner

IDEC’s smallest, most advanced laser scanner just got even better! Certified for use in safety applications found in industrial facilities, the SE2L Safety Laser Scanner is competitively priced and already offers master/slave functionality and a scan-skip feature to reduce false triggers.

  • Enhanced Teaching Function
    • Users determine how long teaching will last and set the area/zone to be configured.
    • When minimum distance is detected during teaching time, zones will be configured automatically.
    • Areas with moving parts during teaching time will be excluded from the automatically-configured zone.
  • Import and Export area/zone information
    • Users can import and export area/zone information in XML format
  • Optical window contamination warning notice
    • A notice indicates when the optical window is contaminated, before the OSSD signal is switched to OFF.
  • Ethernet communication command
    • With this new command, logged data can be obtained through Ethernet communication.
  • Ø40mm minimum detection
    • At a maximum protection distance of 2.8m, a minimum detection width of 40mm will be added.
  • Multi-line toolbar
    • New toolbar allows users to easily configure protection zones.