Red Lion NT24k DHCP Server & Port Security

Red Lion NT24k® DHCP Server & Port Security: Simplify Installation, Accelerate Recovery and Secure Network
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
DHCP simplifies network configuration by automatically assigning IP addresses from a DHCP server to connected DHCP-capable devices (clients).

NT24k® firmware version 2.1.5 offers the following DHCP configuration options:
•    DHCP Client with IP fallback
•    DHCP Server
•    DHCP Relay Agent

DHCP Client with IP Fallback
The switch will automatically obtain an IP assignment from a DHCP Server, or optionally fallback to a default IP assignment if unable to get an IP assignment from a connected DHCP server.
DHCP Server Configured as a DHCP Server, the switch will respond to IP address requests from DHCP client devices with an IP address assignment. IP assignments can be set up as a dynamic range of IP addresses or with a specific IP address assignment based on the device Client ID (Option 61) or Relay Agent connection (Option 82).

Option 82 allows for a device on a specific port to receive a specific IP address assignment. As a result, devices can be replaced by maintenance personnel without the need to program an IP address in the unit, as long as it is configured as a DHCP client and connected to the same port.

MAC Address-Based Port SecurityWhen enabled, the NT24k’s Port Security feature provides enhanced security by restricting port access to devices that have an authorized MAC address. MAC address authorization can be learned dynamically or entered manually.

The new features are available with NT24k firmware version 2.1.5 and are available to existing NT24k customers at no additional charge by updating the firmware of their NT24k hardware.

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