Phoenix Contact IE Interface RIF EX HazLoc

The first 4PDT ice cube relay with TRIPLE ratings for hazardous locations 
Phoenix Contact is pleased to introduce our new four-pole, double-throw (4PDT) triple-rated hazardous location (HazLoc) relay. The RIF-2..EX relay is an ice cube-style relay offered as a fully-assembled module with either screw or Push-in (PT) connection. 
The triple ratings include UL Class I, Div. 2 for use in North America, ATEX for use in Europe, and IECex, for HazLoc applications around the globe. 
Phoenix Contact continues to innovate hazardous location relay technology by offering a triple-approved, replaceable relay at roughly half the cost of traditional competitors. With only six new part numbers that can cover dozens of applications, having the right-priced relay in stock just became a lot simpler. 
Why develop it? 
Hazardous locations can broadly be defined as areas that are at risk of being exposed to flammable or combustible gases, dusts, or vapors. Hazardous locations exist virtually everywhere in industry – from oil and gas applications, to wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical production, grain handling, and many more. 
Potentially explosive areas in the industry are subject to stringent requirements that ensure the reliability and safety of electrical equipment installed within them. Generally speaking, hazardous location safety approval systems require that all equipment that could be exposed to flammable or combustible atmospheres be of a type suitable for installation in these areas. This includes switching components such as relays. 
The IECEx, ATEX, and UL Class I, Div. 2 approval systems all exist to ensure the safety of electrical devices located within hazardous locations. There are, however, nuances that prevent the three from being considered completely interchangeable with one another. To complicate matters, jurisdictions around the world continue to implement these standards independently of one another, creating a regional patchwork of approval requirements.  

Phoenix Contact IE Interface RIF EX HazLoc Press Release

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