Phoenix Contact Intelligent Motor Starter

Concept description 
By combining CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters with the IFS gateway, you can monitor motor statuses and alarming via EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Profibus, Modbus TCP, CANOpen, and Modbus RTU. Being protocol-friendly allows the Intelligent Motor Starter to talk to a wide variety of controllers and control systems. 
Conveyor systems can vary depending on what loads they are moving, speed, and frequency of stopping and starting. Since these systems can vary in application, the Intelligent Motor Starter can be tailored for your customer’s application based on number of motors, the size of the motors, I/O, and what industrial protocol they prefer to use. 
Managing motor data via HMI 
The customer has the ability to create an HMI utilizing the data that is collected from the IFS gateway. For example, if a package or product were to get jammed on the conveyor line, the motor starter would sense an overload and force a fault condition. With the networkable motor starters, the fault can be recognized where it has occurred and can be reset remotely. This decreases downtime, maintenance costs, and recognizes any issues that can be addressed in a preventive manner. 
Hardware information Hardware design and specifications will change based upon customer needs, but at minimum have the following: 
  • Pre-wired connections for 24 V DC In/Out, 480 V AC In/Out, network connections In/Out
  • Option to select 3 A or 9 A motor starters
  • Choose up to 16 motor starters
  • Panel feed-through for quick install
  • IP65 rated
  • Ability to view overloads and faults remotely
  • Control start/stop and motor direction
  • Verify/change overload settings
  • Quickly reset faults