Sure Cross® Q120 wireless pendants Enables Remote Control and Notification

Banner’s Sure Cross® Q120 wireless pendants are autonomous wireless Nodes that enable two-way communication between you and multiple remote and/or mobile devices. The independently controlled inputs allow you to wirelessly send status updates, acknowledgments, initiate processes, and actuate devices.
  • Combines a wireless radio and internal battery supply for use in remote and hard-to-access locations where implementing a wired solution would be difficult, impractical, or not cost-effective
  • Features normally open inputs for control of remote devices or system acknowledgment
  • Easy-to-use rugged devices that can be handheld or mounted to equipment
  • DIP switch configurable for easy setup
  • Local LED indication can be linked to device inputs or remote inputs from within the network
  • Reliable, field-proven Sure Cross wireless architecture operates in the globally accepted 2.4 GHz frequency band or the long-range 900 MHz frequency band, depending upon model

Banner Engineering Sure Cross® Q120 Wireless Pendants Press Release

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