Banner Imager-Based Barcode Readers with Superior Decoding Capabilities

Banner’s ABR Series barcode readers solve the broadest range of track and trace applications. They reliably decode the most difficult 1D and 2D barcodes and have an all-in-one design that simplifies installation in any location. These powerful barcode readers are available in two compact form factors, multiple resolutions, and a wide range of lens and lighting options.

Superior Decoding of Challenging Barcode 

ABR Series barcode readers utilize advanced algorithms to decode a full library of 1D and 2D barcodes, including DPM, damaged, distorted, and overprinted codes. Models in a range of resolutions are available to reliably read small, complex, and challenging barcodes. Image filters are available to improve the readability of low-quality codes. 

Intuitive Software with Advanced Capabilities 

Connect, configure, and monitor multiple ABR Series barcode readers using Barcode Manager. This free and easy-to-use software features flowchart programming and a wide range of configuration options, including a one-step process for automatic setup and an advanced option that provides full access to change and configure device settings. 

Integrated Lighting for Optimal Contrast 

Standard integrated LED illuminators provides bright uniform light to illuminate barcodes. The ABR 7000 is available with multicolored LEDs for bright-field and dark-field illumination, ideal for use in low-contrast and direct part marking (DPM) applications. 

Easy Installation and Setup for Rapid Deployment 

The all-in-one design of ABR Series barcode readers combines imager, lens, and LED lighting in one, easy-to-deploy device. The ultracompact ABR 3000 fits easily in the smallest spaces and the compact ABR 7000 has a rotating connector for straight or right-angle installations. Device setup is easy using Barcode Manager software or the on-board Smart Teach interface. 

Versatile Lens Options to Solve More Applications 

The ABR 3000 is available in models with a WVGA imager and a 9 mm manual focus lens or a 1.2 MP imager and a 6 mm manual focus lens with a standard or polarized window. The ABR 7000 features a 1.3 MP imager and is available with a 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, or 16 mm manual focus lens or a 9 mm software adjustable liquid lens autofocus. The autofocus lens option makes it easy to adapt to changes in read distance, simplifying setup and product changeover. 

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