IDEC FL1F SmartRelay

The IDEC FL1F SmartRelay has proven to be a reliable and dependable controller for many control applications requiring limited I/O. Along with its universal voltage, built-in analog inputs, 10 Amp relay outputs and web aserver functions, we’ve enhanced it with more features suited for today’s demanding IIoT environments, now and into the future. Controls system will be even smarter and more efficient with these new FL1F SmartRelay features!


  • Can be configured as client or servers
  • Easily communicate with other Modbus TCP devices
  • Create a professional dynamic user web page
  • Using standard web browser, easily monitor and control your SmartRelay
  • WindLGC version 8.2 now support Windows 10
  • Easily communicate directly with Excel to view, trace, update and log FL1F SmartRelay variables
  • Both FL1F CPU and expansion modules now support wider operating temperature
  • Support both Client and Server for time and date synchronization