Pro-face SP5001B Atom Box IPC

Pro-face’s introduction of the PS5000 Series is a breakthrough product for bringing manufacturing into the IT and networking era. With a generous helping of the latest technology, this industrial PC is designed to offer a stylish design and operability that anyone can master. Developed as a key device acting as a gateway to IT- and network-based manufacturing, the PS5000 Series comes in a number of variations, from thin type to modular type and box type. Thanks to Pro-face’s high connectivity with legacy equipment — a result of developing HMI products for manufacturing settings over many years — and the innovative software technology that makes controlling such devices a breeze, the PS5000 Series offers you a reliable “Powerful Solution” to the many of your needs.

  • Features an optimized industrial design for a 66% reduction in depth. No fan means a smaller operation panel with no need to worry about exhaust heat, resulting in less cost to you.
  • More power for equipment requiring high-speed processing and equipment with different usability via HMI and PC.
  • Intuitive gestures for zooming and switching screens similar to popular tablets and smartphones for even smoother operation.
  • Expand connected devices via the interfaces in order to broaden your product lineup.
  • Configuration requirements can be selected online, eliminating the need to look through models to find the best match.
  • Includes a proprietary tablet/smartphone app designed for use in industrial settings, offering a revolutionary debugging and remote monitoring experience.