Banner Engineering LTF Laser Sensors Now RSD-Compatible

Banner Engineering’s LTF Series laser distance measurement sensors are now compatible with Banner’s Remote Sensor Display (RSD). The RSD stores up to six configurations to facilitate product changeover and simplify device replacement. It can remain in-line to monitor sensors or it can be removed after configuration. This affects LTF sensors with the date code 1419 and after. You can also check the information menu for firmware version 4.0 or newer.


  • Increased Immunity to Shock and Vibration: LTF Series laser measurement sensors now feature a fully potted inductor which increases the shock specification from 30 G to 100 G. This upgrade ensures that the LTF will perform reliably when used on heavy-duty equipment and in rigorous environments.
  • User Configurable Hysteresis: You can now set the switch point hysteresis for all LTF Series sensors for web tension, fill level, pump-in / pump-out applications.

Banner Engineering LTF Laser Distance Measurement Sensors

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