Banner Engineering Q20 Small Spot Diffuse Photoelectric Sensors

Banner Engineering Q20 Photoelectric Sensors provide a compact, cost-effective alternative to laser sensors for contrast detection of features in error-proofing and inspection applications.  The new Q20xDVS diffuse models provide a narrow effective beam for reliable small-object detection and precise precision control (for example, verifying that a bolt is present in a hole).


  • Visible red beam for easy alignment on most models
  • Bright LED status indicators visible from 360
  • Fluorescent light resistance for reliable performance regardless of ambient lighting
  • Provides water-tight, IP67 and NEMA 6 rated enclosure for rugged, reliable sensing
  • Offers 10 to 30VDC supply voltage with complementary NPN or PNP outputs, depending on model
  • Threaded metal M8 connector on Pico-style quick-disconnect models

Banner Engineering Q20 Photoelectric Sensors

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