Schmersal SLC440COM Compact Safety Light Curtains

Schmersal’s SLC440COM product series is an efficient solution for automated process cycles, offering the highest protection for user and machine. It provides a smooth and flexible adaptation to any machine concept by means of the integrated functions, which can be configured without any tools (PC / software). The protective targets can be smoothly and effortlessly implemented if changes to the process lead to modified settings such as fixed and floating object blanking with variable periphery (movable edge). The integrated set-up tool and status indication (7 segment display) reduce installation expenditures and keeps the operator informed of the current operating status when the machine is running.


  • Process safety with highest availability
  • Reliable safety concept in case of interferences (EMC, welding sparks)
  • User-friendly parameter setting, no tools required
  • Integrated set-up too

Schmersal SLC440COM Compact Safety Light Curtains

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