Phoenix Contact PSRswitch

Phoenix Contact’s PSRswitch is the new RFID non-contact safety switch for smart safety door and position monitoring in machines and assembly lines. It is an electronic, coded transponder switch with RFID technology and provides maximum protection against manipulation and the highest level of safety. The PSRswitch allows Phoenix Contact to offer a full safety solution, including SAC cabling and compatible safety relay units.

As you are moving to decentralized safety solutions outside of the control cabinet, this is placing a higher demand on new technologies to give machine operators a greater level of protection with simple connectivity. The PSRswitch gives Phoenix Contact its first safety sensor while positioning itself as a full safety solution provider.


  • IO-Link diagnostics available via connection with the PSR-MC42 PSRmini relay
  • Safe series connection of up to 30 sensors
  • Compact design allows for multiple mounting options and flexible system design
  • Easy M12 connection using North American cables for up to IP67-class protection
  • High visibility “STATUS” and “DIAG” LEDs on both faces of the sensor allow for quick, visual diagnostics

Phoenix Contact PSRswitch Datasheet

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