Schneider Electric Preventa XPS Universal Safety Relay

Schneider Electric Preventa XPS Universal Safety Relay combines the simplicity of application of hardwired safety modules with a diversity of messages, which has required in the past more complex and expensive fieldbus technology:

  • With a simple point-to-point connection between the solid state output of the modules and a standard digital input of a PLC via a simple wire, Preventa XPS Universal modules can forward more than 40 different messages (amount of messages is depending on the type)
  • With above messages it is possible to reduce the down time of the machine, due to more accurate information on the root cause of a production stop
  • With a smart auxiliary output the modules moreover provide information about upcoming test cycles and the amount of remaining cycles before reaching end of life time.

This tremendous approach is basing on pulse coding and decoding with a function block, which has to be integrated in the controller´s program. For Preventa XPS Universal is a library available, providing function blocks compliant to all programming approaches of Schneider Electric programming systems and as well for all important programming systems of the market.

The big diversity of messages and the availablility of status information makes Preventa XPS Universal safety modules the first choice for a broad range of simple to mid-complex machines: Easy to use, since the integration is still basing on hardwired connections and no fieldbus is needed, which would increase the cost level. Nevertheless the Preventa XPS Universal modules provide a reply on the demand for more differentiated diagnostics information and approaches for predictable maintenance.

Each reference of the module family is adaptable to several safety functions. The selection of functionality can be done with a screw driver, or with fingers, turning rotary switches on the front part. From this selectibility of functionality is resulting a reduced number of types to cover a broad range of safety functions, simplifying the spare part logistics and the documentation of a machine.

The availability of a complete set of safety chain solutions – applications notes, including an application architecture and the documentation – speeds up the certification of safety functions.


  • 22.5 & 45 mm width
  • 2 rows of terminals both on the top and bottom side (screw or spring removable terminals)
  • Transparent sealable lid in front face, to protect the selector switches from manipulation
  • Side connection for extension unit without need for external wiring except for XPSUAB & XPSUEP
  • IP40 housing, IP20 terminals
  • DIN-rail & direct wall mounting possibility
  • 24 Vac/dc + Wide Range Power-Supply from 48…240 Vac/dc (only 2 supply variants for full coverage now)

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