Banner Engineering DBRQ Rechargeable Demo Box

The Banner Engineering DBRQ Rechargeable Demo Box is a 24VDC rechargeable power supply and test device for use with sensors, touch buttons, push buttons, indicators, and task lights. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery for long-term, repeated use. The battery box features 1.4A output capacity for easy demonstration of Banner devices, including higher current task lights. There are five on-off-momentary rocker switches for control of device inputs.


Full-Featured Power Solution
Banner’s battery box is a full-featured power solution with four M12/Euro-style connections to 5- and 8-pin indicators, actuators and sensors. It is rechargeable with 24VDC power through an M12 connector and can function while charging. It can power larger devices for a longer period and has an immediate cutoff when the battery dies. For instance, you can power a 285mm task light at full intensity for over 5 hours. The demo box is also rated UN 38.3 and approved for air travel.

More Outputs for More Animation and Control
The demo box allows the control of up to five device inputs so that a wide variety of products are compatible with the power source, such as Pro indicator products. This enables users to access all the colors and animations that our lighting products offer. It also features push terminal connections for devices with flying leads.

Easy Status Identification
LED indicators display battery and output status for easy troubleshooting and output identification of connected devices. The first shows battery charging status to indicate when the battery is low, when it is being charged, and when it is fully charged. The second shows output polarity. The battery box offers momentary press and latching buttons for ergonomic use if users need to press multiple buttons at once.


  • Bench testing of DC devices
  • Remote troubleshooting of devices
  • Demonstration of device functions
  • Installing new equipment
  • Upgrading solution evaluation

Banner Engineering DBRQ Rechargeable Demo Box

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