Phoenix Contact EMpro Energy Meters

Phoenix Contact’s second generation EMpro energy meters make it easier than ever to measure and transmit key energy parameters to cloud-based services, enabling remote monitoring of equipment, machines, and facilities.

The meters can be integrated into a wide range of power systems supporting single, two, and three phase installations of multiple configurations. They are offered as a panel-mount option, or in a DIN-rail mounted package with or without a display.

Whether using the integrated display or the built-in web server, the EMpro meters feature a user-focused interface that makes initial configuration a straightforward, 3-step process. The included configuration wizard means you do not need to be an energy meter pro to get your system up and running.

This family of energy meters also makes it easier than ever to measure and communicate energy data such as voltage, current, and power. Featuring industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP as well as Modbus RTU, integrating energy data into the industrial control system of your choice is a streamlined process.

In terms of physical integration within a power system, the measuring of circuit currents can be achieved in two ways – by using traditional CTs or through the direct connection of Rogowski coils. Direct Rogowski coil connection means you can easily retrofit existing equipment with our split-core CTs and then connect the coils directly to the EMpro meter. No additional signal conditioning modules or CT shorting terminal blocks are needed. The meter will also support Rogowski coils from other manufacturers.

All meters include an integrated web server with logging and alarming capabilities, graphical displays of real-time measurements, and simple device management with just a few clicks.

Phoenix Contact EMpro Energy Meters

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