Phoenix Contact IPD Installation Power Distribution w/ Push-In Connection

Phoenix Contact’s IPD (Installation Power Distribution) takes everyone’s favorite termination, the Push-In, and positions it to reliably connect power through a bulkhead or device enclosure without special tooling. This system combines the bulkhead-mounted base and exterior hood together under a single part number. Simply mount the base, terminate the wires on both sides using Phoenix Contact’s advanced Push-In technology, and seal the outside with the IP66/IP68-rated hood/gland combination.

Using IPD is quick and easy. It requires only a simple M20 or M25 hole in the device for mounting, and is great for applications that are primarily non-disconnect. Designed specifically with the lighting industry in mind, installing lighting fixtures in a variety of configurations is a breeze. The PT termination is perfect for solid core wires typically used inside lighting fixtures. This is especially helpful for assembly facilities incorporating robotics to complete internal wiring termination. At the fixture’s installation point, the external PT termination provides an intuitive wire termination that any installer can utilize. If a fixture needs replacement or maintenance, the PT termination allows for clean removal of the exterior wires, so there is no need to cut and prep wires to be installed in a new fixture.

These are not designed for use on control cabinets, so no UL Type ratings are needed to accompany this certification. However, the IPD connection system is UL Listed under file number E468743, category PVVA, tested against UL2237 for all other demands for mounted power connections.


  • Capable of handling up to 20A/600V
  • Utilizes Push-In technology for a simple and secure connection
  • Seals to IP66/IP68 to protect against high pressure spray and submersion
  • UL Listed under file E468743, category PVVA, tested against UL2237
  • UV protection = f1, coming soon!

Phoenix Contact IPD Installation Power Distribution

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