Banner Engineering Wireless Pressure Solutions Kit

Banner Engineering’s new Wireless Pressure Solutions Kit makes it easy to deploy predictive maintenance solutions that measure air, gas, and fluid pressure.

Monitor system performance and health from any network-enabled location and have access to timely, accurate data that can be used to make better, more informed decisions about your systems and strategically plan maintenance and service schedules based on actual need, as well as staff and resource availability.


  • Provides visual status for up to 40 Banner pressure sensors attached to Performance Series Nodes that are bound to the included DXM Wireless Controller.
  • Takes a sample every five minutes and compares sensor data to user-defined low or high warnings and/or alarms for a visual indication of potential problems.
  • At-a-glance status indication shows the communication status for each Sensor Node.
  • Reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
  • Simple setup saves time and cost.

Banner Engineering Wireless Pressure Solutions Kit

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