Phoenix Contact DC Battery Pole Connector

Phoenix Contact’s DC Battery Pole connectors have been designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of the energy storage market. Battery modules are interconnected to create a system of stored electrical energy. These systems can be scaled to meet the required energy output. Popular applications are for residential, commercial, and utility installations.

These energy storage systems can be used as backup in the event of grid failure or for regulating peak energy usage. Energy storage systems are also popular for supporting renewable energy generation such as solar and wind.


  • Color coded for easy polarity identification: Orange (+) positive and Black (-) negative. Connectors have unique interfaces to prevent cross mating.
  • 360° rotation of the connection interface for easy cable dress out direction.
  • IEC 120A and 1,500VDC.
  • Crimp termination for 16- and 25-mm2 wire size.

Phoenix Contact DC Battery Pole Connector

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