Schneider Electric PM2000 Series Meter

Schneider Electric’s PM2000 series energy and power meters provide all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation in a single 96×96 mm unit. Two variants are available with LED and LCD display options.


  • Active load timers monitor meter operation and Run hours, advising maintenance requirements.
  • Field configurable password for securing setup information to prevent tampering of integrated values.
  • Cyber security option to disable RS-485 port through front panel keys, protecting against unauthorized access, which is helpful during installation and trouble shooting of communication network.
  • 2 configurable rate counters display values in customer specified units based on energy measured.
  • Energy preset feature for retrofit applications.
  • Optional I/O modules available: 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Outputs or 2 Analogue Inputs and 2 Outputs for comprehensive WAGES monitoring.
  • Mounts using two clips, no tools required.
  • Test LED on front panel for test and calibration on site or in laboratory.


  • Leaner, more efficient order management thanks to field settable CT or PT ratios, modularity.
  • Fast and efficient installation and commissioning.
  • Safety marks for CE and UL compliance in accordance with latest IEC/UL 61010-1 Ed-3 standard.


  • Cost management applications
  • Electrical installation remote monitoring.
  • Energy accounting, balancing, and management.
  • Tenant and sub-billing.
  • Panel instrumentation.
  • Network management applications
  • Power quality analysis of THD and individual harmonics up to 15th and 31st order for Volts and Amps, per-phase.
  • Measurement of True PF and Displacement PF.
  • Recording Min/Max values of instantaneous parameters with date and timestamp.
  • Calculates % unbalance for voltage and current.
  • Load management by simultaneous display of peak demands of all the four demand parameters (W, VA, VAR, Amps) with date and time of occurrence.

Schneider Electric PM2000 Series Meter

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