Phoenix Contact CHARX connect CCS Charging Inlets for Electric Vehicles

The universal CHARX connect CCS charging inlets from Phoenix Contact enable the AC and DC charging of electric cars and electric utility vehicles – from low charging powers all they way to High Power Charging (HPC). The vehicle charging inlets were originally developed for leading manufacturers in the automotive industry and are already being used in the new generations of electric vehicles. With them, the electric vehicle can be charged continuously with a power of 250kW, and temporarily even up to 500kW.


  • Enables the safe High Power Charging of up to 500kW which makes it possible to charge electric vehicles in just a few minutes, instead of several hours.
  • CCS sockets are the universally suited charging interface for all vehicle types.
  • Charging inlets are equipped with an electromagnetic locking actuator which prevents the connector from being pulled out during the charging process.
  • The external dimensions and screw-connection geometries of the vehicle charging inlets make them extremely compact, and the designs for the CCS type 1 and CCS type 2 are identical.

Phoenix Contact CHARX connect CCS Charging Inlets

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