Banner Engineering SX5 Series Safety Scanners in Master & Remote Models

The SX5 Series of Safety Laser Scanners has expanded with master and remote models to provide advanced features for enhanced personnel and equipment protection. The SX5 master can monitor three safety zones simultaneously with three individual safety outputs. It also features 70 unique zone sets, selectable scan codes, and partial muting to mute all or part of a safety zone while protecting the remainder of the zone.


  • Master and Remote functionality with simplified setup and wiring.
  • Protect personnel and equipment with three independent safety outputs.
  • Ideal solution for complex applications with 70 unique safety zone sets, encoder inputs, and advanced measurement data.
  • Cost-effective, compact, one-piece design with 275o of monitoring.
  • Horizontal or vertical detection zones to reliably safeguard mobile vehicles, access points, work areas, and more.

Banner Engineering SX5 Series Safety Scanners

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