Phoenix Contact TRIO POWER 72VDC Power Supply

Phoenix Contact’s TRIO POWER AC/DC family now includes a 72V DC power supply. This new TRIO AC/DC power supply accepts a three-phase input and is capable of nominally outputting 72V DC/14A. Similar to the other members of the TRIO POWER family, this power supply is equipped with a dynamic power boost which allows the power supply to output up to 21A for up to 5 seconds for the starting of inductive loads. The 72V TRIO is designed with high electric strength and high vibration and shock resistance. Push-in connection technology makes installation fast, easy, and tool-free.

The new TRIO 72V power supply is ideal for motor drives, DC motors, and servomotors. The higher voltage allows the motors to spin faster and increases their longevity. The high voltage diminishes the need for a high amount of current and is optimized and efficient for motor applications.


  • UL 61010 Listed.
  • Small form factor with high power density.
  • Dynamic power boost of up to 150% of the nominal current for up to 5 seconds.
  • DC OK LED.
  • Easy installation with DC-OK function monitoring and tool-free installation with push-in connection terminals.

Phoenix Contact TRIO POWER 72VDC Power Supply