SMC Corporation of America MSQ Rotary Table

SMC Corporation of America’s MSQ compact rotary table is ideal for material transfer applications. The MSQ incorporates load bearings and a mounting face with a rack-and-pinion style rotary actuator allowing for 0-190 degrees of adjustment. The series comes in four size options (10, 20, 30, and 50). The new MSQ comes with an optional interchangeable table and plate for easy mounting. Cushion pads, bumpers, or replaceable high allowable energy shock absorbers are available as standard options. Auto switch capability with D-M9 or D-A9 switches. Additional features include a hollow shaft and direct load mounting possibility. New features of the series include: compact and lightweight, and expanded low speed ranges, optional interchange plate, and an enlarged center hole for piping.


  • Rack and pinion style rotary actuator
  • Direct load mounting possible
  • Adjustment from one direction
  • Auto switch capable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Height: Max. 28% reduction* (54mm ? 39mm)
  • Weight: Max. 28% reduction* (940 g ? 680 g)
  • Enlarged center hole diameter for piping (ø9mm ? ø12mm) *Compared with the existing model (MSQ20)
  • Adjustable rotation time range is expanded (0.2 to 2.0 s/90 deg.)
  • Can be used at lower speeds compared with existing product

SMC Corporation of America MSQ Rotary Table

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