Stahlin Safety Yellow PushButton Enclosures

Stahlin’s new Safety Yellow PushButton enclosures are molded in a high-visibility yellow for use as a housing for start/stop buttons or an emergency stop button. Suitable for general purpose use in industrial and commercial indoor and outdoor environments in electrical push button and indicator light applications as an operator interface, housing for emergency-stop (E-stop) devices, and in compact portable control systems.


  • High visibility yellow background ensures compliance with ISO standards and increases user safety especially in areas with low levels of lighting.
  • Molded-in colors increase durability and eliminate damage to color from chipping or scraping and prevent need for frequent replacement.
  • Captive polymer cover screws, lift-off cover and memory retaining seamless polyurethane gasket offers superior environmental protection and corrosion resistance.


  • High-visibility yellow background for actuators.
  • Molded in color will not chip or scrape away.
  • 4 captive polymer cover screws, lift off cover.
  • Memory retaining seamless polyurethane gasket.
  • Mounting wells located under the cover/outside the gasket area.
  • Shipped with removable clear mylar protective film affixed to yellow cover for added protection prior to installation.
  • Four configurations: 1 hole 22mm diameter, 1 hole 30mm diameter, 2 holes 22mm diameter, 2 holes 30mm diameter.
  • Polycarbonate material construction with molded-in yellow color cover and black color base.
  • Soft edge design with minimal protrusions or exposed pocket areas to reduce collection of dust and debris.
  • Custom hole configurations and modifications are available upon request through our value-add Modright program. Please consult factory.

Stahlin Safety Yellow PushButton Enclosures