E-T-A New Power Entry Modules (XR38, X3120, X3130)

The new portfolio of E-T-A Entry Power Modules (XR38, X3120, X3130) are an ideal solution for use in portable electronic equipment with a detachable power cord.


  • These modules combine functions in a single assembly to be more cost-effective, increase overall reliability, and save space.
  • Combines up to five functions in a single component: C14/C20 appliance inlet; resettable overcurrent protection; ON/OFF switch; line filter; and add-on modules for undervoltage release, remote trip, or auxiliary contacts.
  • Unlike conventional standard modules with fuses, E-T-A’s power entry modules are fitted with a conveniently resettable circuit breaker.


  • Reduced mounting and wiring time (up to 90%).
  • Reduced disposition and storage costs.
  • High availability: Circuit breakers can easily, reliably and quickly be reset after overcurrent trip. Fuse replacement is eliminated.
  • Low operational costs: No expenses for procurement, inventory management, disposal, and services.
  • High reliability: In the event of a failure, multipole circuit breakers always interrupt the circuit across all poles. They protect the user against electrocution.

E-T-A New Power Entry Modules (XR38, X3120, X3130)

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