Opto 22 groove EPIC Controller and RIO I/O Module

Opto 22 launches new Ignition 8–supported models of its groov EPIC controller and groov RIO I/O module.


  • The groov Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC) is an embedded Linux real-time controller with gateway functions, for automation or industrial Internet of things application.
  • The GRV-EPIC PR2 processor ships pre-installed with Ignition 8, and has 3.75GB RAM and 22GB user space.
  • The groov RIO is a remote I/O unit for industrial Internet of Things and automation applications.
  • The GRV-R7-MM2001-10 has 2 form C electromechanical relay output channels, and is designed as an intelligent, distributed I/O device for IIoT projects that require data acquisition or communications.

Opto 22 groov EPIC Controller and RIO Module

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