Banner Engineering Q45 All-in-One D-Cell Photoelectric Sensor Nodes

Banner Engineering extends its Q45 line of all-in-one photoelectric sensor nodes with a new D-cell battery version.


  • Provides four years of maintenance-free service, double the battery life of existing versions with smaller batteries.
  • The Q45 sensors are self-contained units for coordinating multiple machines in part-counting, as well as OEE applications.
  • Each model combines a sensor, wireless node, and an internal battery in a single device making it easier to handle challenging factory applications or to add sensing to existing industrial systems.
  • Enables facilities to add a scalable wireless-sensor network without adding cables, cord sets, or external power.
  • Available in two sensing modes: Diffuse and Retroreflective.

Banner Engineering Q45 D-Cell All-in-One Photoelectric Sensor Nodes

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