Phoenix Contact Axioline P Modular Proxy

The Axioline P modular proxy from Phoenix Contact combines two major functions: modular connectivity to various networks and protocols, as well as the ability to add additional standard and intrinsically safe I/O.


  • Modular proxy enables up to 8 PROFIBUS PA segments to the available AF bus interface.
  • Digital I/O supports NAMUR sensor types ideal for intrinsically safe environments; Analog modules can activate HART communication if supported.
  • Minimizes rail usage and reduces Ethernet nodes communicating back to the Distributed Control System.
  • Modular block design is easy to customize; select and use only the necessary components.
  • Reliability assured and supported for S2, R1, and R2 system redundancy; CE, UL, EX, Marine, and Class A certifications.

Phoenix Contact Axioline P Modular Proxy

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