E-T-A CPC20 ControlPlex Power Distribution System

The new CPC20 ControlPlex System from E-T-A protects your 24DCV power distribution system against overload and short circuit.


  • This solution combines the modular 18Plus power distribution system with the CPC20 bus controller and ESX60 electronic circuit protectors to enable system designers to maximize uptime, improve protection, and increase system flexibility.
  • The ESX60D electronic circuit protector continuously records the load current and the load voltage of a system and are bundled by the CPC20 bus controller to transmit to the connected control system, enabling system operators to detect changes or aberrations at an early stage.
  • Prevents unplanned system downtimes, improves transparency, and stabilizes the production process.
  • Modular terminal block system provides flexibility in system planning.

E-T-A CPC20 ControlPlex Power Distribution System

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