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The Ultimate Electric Motion Machine

Far and away, Exlar designs and manufactures the world's Ultimate Electric Cylinder. Exlar Electric Cylinders range in size from about 2" to 12" square flanges, and thrusts from 100 to 100,000 lbs. Their unique roller screw technology increase thrust per package size and/or life by a factor of 10 or more (10X) compared to ball screw and lead screw based cylinders. Exlar actuators are true hydraulic replacements, with some models even integrating actuator, motor, drive and control into a single package.

In addition, Exlar offers actuators for extreme environments such as Food & Beverage, as well as Class I Div II Oil & Gas production and processing. And, for those with specific drive and control preferences, Exlar makes it easy to order a cylinder with the feedback and connector-ization needed to directly connect to most servo drive manufacturers system. Exlar is known for their premium roller screw actuators offering high thrust and long life.

File Size


Full Catalog 19,660 KB
Tritex II AC or DC Actuators 12,204 KB
Actuators 7,049 KB
Motors and Gearmotors 1,807 KB
Hazardous Location Products 2,415 KB


Automotive Actuation Solutions 14,817 KB
Defense Brochure 1,913 KB
Electric Servo Actuators for Process Control 2,585 KB
Electric Test and Simulation Actuator Systems 1,062 KB
EXP-24 Positioner 378 KB
K Series Linear Actuators 2,910 KB
Systems - Components to Solutions 3,714 KB


Custom Stators for Tritex Actuators 223 KB
FT Series Oil Bath Lubrication 367 KB
Roller Screw Sizing and Application 940 KB
T-LAM Servo Motors 533 KB
Tritex II to Tritex (DC) Actuator Comparison 267 KB


Custom Thread Dimensions 200 KB
Hot Spot Safety Margin 305 KB
MIL Standard Environmental, Shock and Vibration Testing 209 KB
System Rigidity 2,013 KB


Active Seat Suspensions 472 KB
Actuators vs. Linear Motors 466 KB
Aerial Fire Fighting 553 KB
Air Exchanger Vertical Damper Control 462 KB
All-Electric Core Pull Cylinders 482 KB
All-Electric Scissors Lift 498 KB
Animatronic Killer Whale 1,299 KB
Bagging Machine Gate Valve Control 542 KB
Blood Bag Welding 604 KB
Cell Battery Welding 549 KB
Cam Replacement 460 KB
Cap Closing Application 620 KB
Coal Diverter Gate 449 KB
Combustion Air Damper Control 505 KB
DARPA Unmanned Vehicles 520 KB
Dispensing and Pressing Chocolate Truffles 577 KB
Field-Testing Soil, Rock and Geosynthetics 448 KB
Filling Machine Actuator Advantages 336 KB
Filling Machine Nozzle Control 623 KB
Fish Diverter Doors 474 KB
Food Processing 551 KB
Gas Turbine Electric Valve Actuators 523 KB
Injection Molded Plastic Parts 1,454 KB
Labeling Machines 325 KB
Life Testing 445 KB
Material Wrinkling Reduction 624 KB
Medical Automation 473 KB
Medical Device Design 252 KB
Military Vehicle Design Improvements 265 KB
Mining Motion Simulation Technology for Miner Training 2,885 KB
Mining Motion Simulator Improvements 501 KB
Multiple Axis Robotics 548 KB
Oxygen Flow Control 554 KB
Paper Product Damper Control 466 KB
Pickle Injector Machine 620 KB
Pipeline Flow Control - Cenex 611 KB
Pipeline Flow Control - NGL 329 KB
Pressing Applications 496 KB
Process Control Applications 221 KB
Programmable Injection Pump and Sampler Control 473 KB
Riveter Positioning 655 KB
Riveting, Fastening or Joining Machine Retrofits 445 KB
Sawmill Positioning 450 KB
Servo Electric Turbine Valve Actuators 499 KB
Six Degree-of-Freedom Motion Simulation 531 KB
Six DOF Motion Simulator 324 KB
Test and Motion Simulation 470 KB
The Perfect Servo Electric Valve Actuator 279 KB
Thermoforming - High Capacity 686 KB
Thermoforming - Retrofit 493 KB
Traverse Winding 445 KB
Turbine Governor Valve Control 571 KB
Turbine Speed Control 565 KB
Ultrasonic Welding 541 KB
Volumetric Filling Machines 517 KB
Weld Gun Positioning 444 KB


EXTRAK Modular Rodless Belt-Driven Actuators 1,996 KB
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