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Electrical and Electronic Products

Leviton Manufacturing is a leading North American producer of electrical and electronic products. Leviton's wide range of products includes lighting fixtures, home theater speakers, motion sensors, theatrical lighting and dimmers. Leviton also offers energy efficient lighting products.

  • Leviton ez-Find Catalog – Leviton’s online catalog includes a cross reference section and a product compatibility guide.
  • Leviton ez-Learn Program – Learn about today’s exciting structured wiring products, life-saving electrical safety devices, the latest advances in lighting control and energy management and lots more all in the comfort of your home or office with Leviton’s ez-Learn program (requires registration).
File Size
Acenti™ Lighting Control 345 KB
Application Manual and Reference Guide for Surge Protection & Line Conditioning Products 812 KB
Single Pole Cam-Type Connectors 1,566 KB
Connectivity Products Catalog 12,237 KB
Decora Catalog 4,710 KB
Energy Management Capibilties 3,376 KB
Entertainment Industry Catalog 979 KB
Health Care Products 2,190 KB
Industrial Grade Switches - Product Bulletin 3,419 KB
Industrial Duplex Receptacles 1,087 KB
Leaded Receptacles and Switches 1,790 KB
Lighting Controls Product Guide 30,226 KB
Motor Starter and Disconnect Switches 840 KB
Occupational Sensor Product Guide 2,626 KB
Pin and Sleeve Devices Product Bulletin 1,083 KB
Power Quality Catalog 3,322 KB
Python Plugs and Connectors 409 KB
Residential Products Catalog 17,853 KB
Rhino-Hide 49 Series Connectors 646 KB
SmartLock GFCI Receptacles 188 KB
Structured Cabling for Multimedia 9,985 KB
Structured Cabling and Power Solutions V200 27,385 KB
Integrated Networks Home Systems 1,942 KB
Surge Protection & Line Conditioning Catalog 3,669 KB
VIZIA Lighting Controls 324 KB
Wetguard Watertight Wiring Devices 1,430 KB
Wiring Devices for Wine Making Industrial 5,210 KB
ZMAX Lighting Control Relay Systems 1,548 KB
Total Catalog IPD 2.07 39,526 KB
Section A - AC Switches 5,042 KB
Section B - Straight Blade Receptacles 3,873 KB
Section C - Straight Blade Plugs and Connectors 1,845 KB
Section D - Watertight and Dust-Tight Plugs and Connectors 2,104 KB
Section E - Locking Devices 6,449 KB
Section F - GFCI Personnel Safety Devices 1,582 KB
Section G - Decora Plus Switches and Receptacles 1,391 KB
Section H - Hospital Grade Devices 1,915 KB
Section I - Corrosion Resistant Devices 700 KB
Section J - Pin and Sleeve, Mechanical Interlock, and Disconnects 2,026 KB
Section K - Cam-Type Devices, Stage Pin Devices, and Rhino-Hide 5,636 KB
Section L - Power Quality Devices 2,647 KB
Section M - Structured Cabling Systems 687 KB
Section N - Occupancy Sensors and Lighting Control 3,448 KB
Section O - Wire Mesh Safety Grips 1,552 KB
Section P - Incandescent and Fluorescent Lampholders 388 KB
Section Q - Wallplates 1,405 KB
Section R - Resource and Technical Information 1,180 KB


L-101 Main Catalog 39,526 KB
Section A - Acenti Collection Premium Grade Devices 780 KB
Section B - Decora Devices 1,874 KB
Section C - Lighting and Fan Control 1,997 KB
Section D - Energy Management Devices 1,899 KB
Section E - Wallplates
1,562 KB
Section F - AC Switches 1,256 KB
Section G - Straight Blade Receptacles 1,548 KB
Section H - GFCI Personnel Protection Devices 705 KB
Section I - Combination Devices 368 KB
Section J - Structured Media Components
3,372 KB
Section K - DHC Powerline Carrier Components 1,032 KB
Section L - Multimedia Structured Cabling System 5,903 KB
Section M - Straight Blade Plugs and Connectors 1,294 KB
Section N - Locking and Corrosion Resistant Devices 3,090 KB
Section O - Pin and Sleeve Devices 2,357 KB
Section P - Single Pole Cam Type Connectors and Stage Pin Devices 2,178 KB
Section Q - Wire Mesh Safety Grips 852 KB
Section R - Surge Protective Devices 1,216 KB
Section S - Lampholders 1,439 KB
Section T - Appliance Switches 625 KB
Section U - Electrical Accessories 685 KB
Section V - Technical Information 1,533 KB


Introduction 432 KB
Section A - Linear Fluorescent Lampholder 1,689 KB
Section B - Compact Fluorescent Lampholder 1,493 KB
Section C - Lampholders for Innovative Light Sources 1,174 KB
Section D - Mogul Medium HID Lampholders 628 KB
Section E - Incandescent Lampholders and Brackets 1,197 KB
Section F - Thermal Protectors 397 KB
Section G - Metal Shell Lampholders 528 KB
Section H - Phenolic Shell Lampholders 313 KB
Section I - Candelabra Lampholders 682 KB
Section J - Switches 659 KB
Section K - Convenience Outlets and Receptacles 783 KB
Section L - Personnel Protection Products 1,204 KB
Section M - Surge Protective Devices 705 KB
Section N - Lighting Controls 697 KB
Section O - Fan and Motor Speed Controls 397 KB
Section P - Plugs and Connectors 1,957 KB


Wiring Devices Catalog D504 17,252 KB
Section A - Decora Devices 1,320 KB
Section B - DHC Decora Home Controls 1,010 KB
Section C - AC Switches 716 KB
Section D - Straight Blade Receptacles 654 KB
Section E - Combination Devices 187 KB
Section F - GFCI Personnel Protection Devices 288 KB
Section G - Wallplates 895 KB
Section H - Straight Plugs and Connectors 670 KB
Section I - Pin and Sleeve Devices 1,246 KB
Section J - Locking Devices 841 KB
Section JJ - Single Pole Cam-Type Connectors 824 KB
Section K - Corrosion Resistant Devices 244 KB
Section L - Lampholders 844 KB
Section M - Appliance Switches 237 KB
Section N - Electrical Accessories 170 KB
Section O - Lighting and Fan Speed Control 2,104 KB
Section P - Occupancy Sensors Lighting Controls 412 KB
Section Q - Wire Mesh Safety Grips 490 KB
Section R - Surge Protective Devices 819 KB
Section S - Multimedia Structured Cabling 1,709 KB
Section T - Structured Media Components 880 KB
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