Accounting / Credit Team

Our Accounting/Credit department handles all credit line, invoicing and payment queries.  For immediate assistance, call one of our Accounting Representatives today.

To request a line of credit, please fill out and submit our confidential credit application.

Credit Application
Apply for a Line of Credit

All Inquiries: (800) 258-9200
Accounts Payable Fax: (650) 244-9300
Accounts Receivable Fax: (650) 583-7210
Accounts Payable Inquiries:
Accounts Receivable Inquiries:

Accounts Payable Representatives

Judith Lacsamana Extension 1050
Lani Padua Extension 1147
Val Mestman Extension 1167

Accounts Receivable Representatives

Ann Savage Extension 1096
Jackie Pallavicini Extension 1093
Jamie Lam Extension 1051
Marivi Quiogue Extension 1083
Tony Kwan Extension 1186