Registering an account

With an online shopping account, you can store addresses for faster checkout, search for past orders, create shopping lists, and more.

To register an account:

    1. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Sign In. The Sign In/Register page is displayed.
    2. In the Register section, click Register.
    3. If you are a current Steven Engineering customer and are registering a new website account, find your existing account by filling out the Current Steven Engineering Customer Search box (directions listed below).
      1. You must enter information for at least two of the following fields:
        • Street Address – Enter your company’s billing street address. Only the street address number is necessary. For example, if your billing street address is 123 Main Street, only 123 is needed.
        • Postal Code – Enter your company’s billing postal code (5-digits if in the United States).
        • Account Number – Enter your company’s Steven Engineering account number.
      2. A Customer Verification box will appear if a search result has been found. If the correct company appears, select Yes for the “Is This Correct?” question, and the Account Information fields will auto-populate with the information on file. Otherwise, try your search again.
      3. If you are unable to find your current company, please change your answer to the “Are You a Current Steven Engineering Customer?” question to No and proceed to Step 4. We will attempt to link your profile to the correct company account manually.

If you will be a new Steven Engineering customer, answer No to the “Are You A Current Steven Engineering Customer?” question and proceed to the Account Information section (Step 4).

    1. Complete these fields:
      First Name – Enter your first name.
      Last Name – Enter your last name.
      TitleSelect your job type from the dropdown box.
      Business Name – Enter the name of your company.
      Phone – Enter your phone number.
      Email Address – Enter your email address. This becomes your user name to sign in to the online store. Your account confirmation, sign-in information, and order confirmations are sent to this address.
      Password – Create a password that you will use to sign into the online store.
      Confirm Password – Type the password again, which must match what was entered in the previous field.
      Password Reminder Question – Create a question you can answer to retrieve your password if forgotten.
      Password Reminder Answer – Enter the answer to your password question.
      Billing Address Section – Fill out your billing address in the fields provided.
    2. Accept Steven Engineering’s Terms and Conditions by clicking the checkbox.
    3. Click Register. Your information is now stored and your account is created. You can sign in and sign out immediately.