Checking out

When you finish adding items to the shopping cart, you can check out to submit the order.

Note: If you start an order and then sign out of the online store before checking out, your items are saved in the shopping cart. If you are a registered user, you can sign in again and complete the order when convenient.

To check out with a credit card:

  1. On the Shopping Cart page or in the top right-hand corner of any page, click Checkout. The Checkout page is displayed.
  2. In the Contact Information section, enter/verify your contact information and make any necessary changes.
  3. Choose your payment method:
    • Click on the Pay by Credit Card check box and continue to fill out the Checkout page.  When you click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page, a window will appear to enter your credit card information.
    • If your credit card billing address differs from your billing address, select the Wallet button and check the The Credit card Address Differs from the Billing Address box to display credit card billing address fields.
  4. To check out via ACH:
    • Click on the ACH and Wire Transfer Fee Add-On check box in the ACH section (required for international orders).
  5. If you are applying this order to your existing account:
    • Please make sure the Pay by Credit Card and ACH and Wire Transfer Fee Add-On check boxes are not selected.
    • If you do not have an existing account with us, you must pay via the two methods listed above.
  6. In the Address Information section, if you want to enter a different shipping address, click on the Change/Create Ship-To link to change your shipping address.
  7. In the Order Information section, please enter your Purchase Order Number.
  8. In the Order Information section, select a method of shipping and your courier/routing method. 
  9. In the Order Information section, you have the option to provide additional comments, such as detailed shipping/order instructions, in the Comments to Steven Engineering box. Use the Your Internal Comments box to add notes directed at your internal staff to the order/shipping documentation.
  10. If you are shipping via Freight Collect, please enter your Shipper Account Number. If you select Use My Own Shipping Carrier, please provide the carrier’s name and phone number, along with your Shipper Account Number.
  11. Registered users have the option to save the order for future reference. Click on the Save Order button at the bottom of the page. A box opens for you to enter the name of the order and an optional description. Click on the Save Order button to save the order. The order will be accessible through the Saved Orders link in the My Account section.
  12. If you are checking out as a customer with no default address, click Recalculate Totals to update the order amount after you enter the shipping address.
  13. Click Submit Order (or Continue if you are paying by credit card or ACH/wire transfer) when your order is completed. A confirmation page is displayed. To view a printable version of your Order Confirmation, click Printable Version. The Order Confirmation is opened in a browser window, from which you can print, save, or email the document.
    Note: Depending on system setup, registered order entry users may also have the options to save the order or submit the order as a quote.

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