Searching for account users

You can use the Search Accounts page to find an account user when creating a new shopper account and when assigning an approver to the shopper account.

To search for an account user:

  1. Next to the Accounts field or Approver field on the Shopper Accounts Maintenance page, click Search. The Search Accounts page is displayed.
  2. Specify any of this search criteria:

    Note: To display all available account users, leave search criteria fields empty and click Search.

    Name: Specify all or part of the account user’s name.

    Email:┬áSpecify all or part of the account user’s email address.

    User:┬áSpecify all or part of the account user’s ID.

  3. Click Search. Valid account users that match your search criteria are displayed.
  4. Select the check box for the appropriate account user. Click Return. You are returned to the Shopper Account Maintenance page.

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