Setting up budget years

The first step to set up a budget for online order entry is to create a budget year record. After the budget year is established, you can Add Budget Periods and Amounts.

Note: Budget setup is available only if you selected Yes for using budgets on the Defaults page. See Setting Budget and Spending Limit Defaults

To set up a budget year:

  1. In the Approvals section, click Maintenance.
  2. Click Budget. The Budget Years page is displayed.
  3. Click Add.

    Note: To add a row, you must specify the To date for the prior budget year.

  4. Specify this information:

    Year: Specify a description, up to 10 characters, for the budget year.

    From: If this is the first budget year, specify the first day of the budget year. Otherwise, this date is calculated as the preceding To Date + 1.

    To: Specify the last day of the budget year.

  5. Click Update.

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