Searching for saved orders

After saving an order in the online store, you can use the Saved Orders page to return to any unfinished order and continue processing it. You can also delete the order by using this page.

To find saved orders:

  1. In the My Account section, click Saved Orders. A list of your saved orders will be displayed.
  2. Perform one of these steps:
    • To continue processing an order, click the Created Date link for the order.
    • If you already have items in your cart, a message will appear asking to clear those items. Select YES to clear the items and replace them with your saved order. Click NO if you want to retain the cart items and cancel transferring your saved order to your cart.
    • The Checkout page will be displayed, where you can submit the order.
    • To delete an order, select the check box next to that order and click Delete.

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